The New York City
Event Date
July 30th & 31st
11 AM - 5 PM
News from the New York City Poetry Festival

If you've never been to #GovernorsIsland our poetry festival is a great reason to go!

Famous Renaissance painting, Venus of Urbino, painted in 1538🌹 #nyc #poetry

A big ol thank you to @joannasaid for supporting the 2015 and 2016 New York City Poetry Festival on @kickstarter!

Beautiful weather is back in New York City! Let's hope it'll be a sunny day this year at our…

Our Kickstarter is up to raise money for our 5th annual festival! Please check it out!…

Who's a poet that you'd like to hear read at our festival? 📚💜 #nycpoetryfestival

💚Amazing photo of governor's island! Who's excited for this year's festival?💚

11 AM

The festival opens at 11am and closes at 5pm on July 30th and 31st, 2016. Plan to arrive at the ferry landing at least 30 minutes prior to your desired arrival time. For a complete timetable of events, please check out the festival lineup!

Governors Island

Governors Island, a 172 acre island in the heart of New York Harbor, is only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and even closer to Brooklyn. It is a world unto itself, unique and full of promise.

250 poets. 5 boroughs. 2 days. ONE CITY.